The Greatest Weapon, Love


My love is the greatest weapon. Love is the greatest motivational force in the universe, and the entire galaxy. Everything I do, I do in love. Because of love, my love, it makes the best foundation for me and my people. I bring my people through trials little or great for the benefit and humility of my people. That they will know me out of the bottom of their heart, to work and show my gift of Eternal salvations Grace. You can know me out of the heart than by love. Love is what makes my people want me, and my Father in Heaven. It is designed in their heart to respond and serve me in love, truly and Faithfully. To serve me, in love, you’ll follow me to the ends of the Earth. It was love that sent me to die for all the sins of the earth, to die on the cross of Calvary, to take beatings for you, to pay for every disease, sin correction, and sickness, to give you personally eternal life that will last forever and never be lost. If you were the only one I would have died for you. Love is strong. It is undefeatable. It can never go down in defeat. That is what I did on the cross of Calvary, to give you complete victory in every realm, and over all the works of the devil. It is done. Love is Victorious. Love goes on forever. Love will never end.

That is why Paul’s mission was so strong. And he paid the price in full to show love in full. God’s love always clears and cleans the pathway. Love makes your mind clear, your heart is focused on me. You are focused on the goal of winning a crown, of gaining a full reward, of knowing me when you walk through the streets of Glory side-by-side with all the prophets and more. This is the will of my Father above and the spirit. Pray that you will have the best reward, the best of me, the full reward when you enter the capital city in heaven. Saith the Everlasting God which made Heaven and Earth.


By Scribe : Eric Flatten

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Administrator, Pastor, Artist
Robert "Endoxos" Placencio has been a minister of over 20yrs. acting as a Pastor , Evangelist, and Ministry Leader. He is the Founder and administrator of along side his wife Kandra Placencio. He is also the Co- Founder of Vision Media a music, marketing, and Graphics company. He is an Artist, Designer, and philanthropist.

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