InGlory.net is website designed to empower the body of Christ with tools to combat the Devil in your every day life. We hope that you find this website a blessing to your life. If you would consider partnering with us in the work of the ministry by prayer, volunteering, or Financial donation we would greatly appreciate your support to further the work of this ministry.

In Glory Ministries is ran by Pastor Robert & Kandra Placencio

Our mission is summed up in three R’s : Restore, Rebuild, and Renew a spirit of faith in God to a lost Generation.

Malachi 4 talks about restoring the hearts of the father to the sons and sons to the Father. We desire to impact and disciple a generation of spirit lead followers of Jesus Christ. We desire to see awakening in a sleeping church, and believers empowered to seek the father God. Well passionately pursuing the heart of God and fulfilling the call in their lives.


Isaiah 58 best describes the heart to rebuild. We desire to do hands on missions that are saturated with prayer and fasting. We desire to see tangible transformation in our cities, by loosing the chains of oppression and repairing the streets to dwell in.


Hebrews 11:6 says, without faith it is impossible to please God. Our Generation is moved by the media, tantalized by all 5 senses. The churches have been forced to try and compete with videos, lights, and other aids just in attempts to grab attention of our younger generation. We desire to see this next generation renewed and revitalized with a spirit of faith. The type of faith that sees the invisible and achieves the impossible. Mountain moving faith like Mark 11:23, that no matter what life throws at them they will hold fast and obtain a good report (testimony).


Our Vision is to empower churches to reach their local community for Christ. To awaken the churches to their power in Christ, to urge them to come out from among the four walls and realize that WE are the church and not the building! It is time for the sons of God to manifest.

  • Our short term goals are to
      • Acquire a vehicle that would be used for “instant outreaches” and missions. We would do outreaches in parks, parking lots, schools and wherever else The Lord calls us too. Within the van would be a recording studio, portable stage, wireless speakers and a portable PA system.
        • We realize that we cannot do this task on our own. We would like to partner with local churches as well as local rehabilitation homes.
            • Local churches are necessary for follow up care, which includes a location where the new believer can be fed and call home.
            • Rehabilitation homes are necessary for disciplining new converts dealing with common issues that arise in today’s society. Such as drug addiction, prostitution, homelessness, brokenness that stems from abandonment and so forth.


  • Our long term goals would be to
      • Have an evangelist training center.
        • Here is where we would host our services and events.
        • We would have classes and trainings for disciples and the community, where we would train and equip the saints.
        • Have 24 hour worship and prayer.
        • House urban missionaries that will help facilitate all of the ministry (which includes all of the community care and empowerment) that goes on at the training center, as well as taking care of the facility.
        • Once we have a functioning facility we would like to travel around the country and possibly around the world to train and equip other communities to set up their own training centers.